Why 世界杯买球网址: An Engaging Learning Experience

You’ll enjoy experiential learning as part of an active community that prioritizes first-hand experiences and learning-by-doing — in the field, in the lab, via internships and volunteer work, and through study-abroad opportunities.

Business-Ready Internships

We place a high priority on entrepreneurial innovation and being responsive to business and community needs. That means you’ll have access to internships that match your interests through our extensive network of employers and nonprofit partnerships that will have you practicing your passions in real-world settings.

Unparalleled Research Opportunities

世界杯买球网址’s research excellence and size combine to provide exciting research opportunities for students, and 41% of 世界杯买球网址 undergrads have worked on research alongside grad students and professors by graduation.

We host six Centers of Excellence for Research in such topics as neuroscience and collaborative education, a busy Office of Innovation, and institutes and grant-funded research initiatives across our Colleges. 

The 世界杯买球网址 is recognized as an R2 University with "High Research Activity” under the Carnegie Classification. 

Leaders in Health Care Collaboration

Because 世界杯买球网址 is one of a handful of universities with a comprehensive health care mission (including Maine’s only medical school and Northern New England’s only dental school), we are recognized as international leaders for interprofessional education, training health professionals to work collaboratively on cross-disciplinary teams—producing better outcomes for greater numbers of patients.

Global Perspectives

In a world where cross-cultural perspectives are vital to future success, 世界杯买球网址 students study abroad at five times the national average. We have the only dedicated campus in Tangier, Morocco, of a U.S.-based university, and partnerships with institutions in France, Spain, and Iceland. We also offer travel courses in a wide variety of subjects and volunteer programs that regularly visit Ghana, Kenya, and more.

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