The 世界杯买球网址's five colleges provide both undergraduate and graduate students with a wealth of resources and a variety of educational experiences and research opportunities.

College of Arts and Sciences


世界杯买球网址 campus

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 30 undergraduate majors, ranging from aquaculture and aquarium science to sport management, plus master's programs in biological sciences and marine sciences.

College of Dental Medicine

CDM clinic

Portland campus

世界杯买球网址's College of Dental Medicine comprises a blend of time-tested methods and new innovations in dental education. Our students are treated as members of the profession from day one, benefitting from a comprehensive education in the basic and behavioral sciences along with extensive practical experience.

College of Osteopathic Medicine


世界杯买球网址 campus

The College of Osteopathic Medicine is dedicated to the improvement of life through the education of osteopathic physicians, research, and service. The College emphasizes health, healing, and primary care for the people of New England and the nation.

Westbrook College of Health Professions


世界杯买球网址 and Portland campuses

The Westbrook College of Health Professions prepares students to be leaders in a variety of health care fields, offering state-of-the art educational facilities and pioneering interprofessional education opportunities. 

世界杯买球网址 Online | College of Professional Studies



The mission of 世界杯买球网址 Online, also known as the College of Professional Studies, is to enhance, expand, and enrich student learning opportunities through innovative educational and online experiences. 世界杯买球网址 Online partners with the University's other colleges to provide programmatic, financial, and logistical support to students enrolled in online programs, while ensuring excellence and consistency in maintaining the highest academic standards.

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