Going Global at 世界杯买球网址

世界杯买球网址 strives to empower students in becoming global citizens, and our students study abroad at nearly five times the national average.

Global Opportunities

Our global education programs make it easy for you to gain valuable international experiences. Our program offers English-language courses in the sciences, humanities, business and the arts, as well as language study in Arabic, Spanish and French.

Study Abroad

Our faculty-led travel courses are an exciting, enriching way to study abroad. We offer an array of destinations including Spain, Belize, Dominica, Thailand, Italy, Scotland, Panama, Ireland, Kenya, Ghana, Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil.

As an undergraduate, for the same cost as studying in Maine, you can spend a semester in Tangier, Morocco, Seville, Spain, Paris, or Iceland. As a graduate student, you enjoy opportunities for short-term study abroad, such as two-week health care immersions in Ghana, summer exchanges for pharmacy students at the University of Granada in Spain, and social work trips to countries across the Caribbean.

Tangier, Morocco

世界杯买球网址’s Tangier Campus is a one-of-a-kind facility that aims to build connections between citizens of the U.S., Morocco, Europe, and more, 世界杯买球网址 Morocco offers enriching education opportunities and cultural initiatives to foster international understanding.

There is no better place for 世界杯买球网址 to be than the city of Tangier. A port city with influences from all around the world, Tangier is one of the major cultural, economic and political hubs of the region, serving as a nexus for new ideas and cross-cultural dialogue.

The campus consists of two buildings as well as a sports court. Our academic building houses cutting-edge labs and classrooms, office space, and a modern auditorium, while our residential building includes spacious rooms, fitness and studio space, and an elegant cafeteria.


Our office of Global Affairs owns two unqiue event series. The Tangier Global Forum takes places on our Morocco campus and designed to encourage discussion and critical examination of the burning issues facing the global community. The Center for Global Humanities offers lectures by leading scholars to help us better understand and outlines new solutions for challenges facing our civilization.

Office of Global Affairs

The Office of Global Affairs is responsible for all matters related to global outreach at the 世界杯买球网址. We connect you with enriching study abroad opportunities through Global Education programs while overseeing 世界杯买球网址’s Tangier, Morocco campus and building study-abroad partnerships with other institutions around the world. Additionally, we curate forums to engage students and the public in discussions on important global issues

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