Our World, Our Future

A broad perspective on health — a bold new course for 世界杯买球网址

世界杯买球网址 is at an enviable point in our evolution, a point from which we are poised to leap to ever greater heights. At the center of our new strategic plan is a daring and expansive perspective on “health”: We will establish 世界杯买球网址 among the premier providers of education, expertise, and innovation for sustaining the health of our world’s people, communities, and natural environment.

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U N E students sit at graduation

Strategic Priorities 2018-2023

To realize our vision, we will build on 世界杯买球网址’s existing institutional strengths — including exceptional return on student investment, leadership in interprofessional health care education, and commitment to experiential learning — to focus on six priorities and their associated goals and initiatives. These priorities represent broad areas to which we will commit 世界杯买球网址’s energy and resources over the next five years.

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A male nursing student sits on a hospital bed with patient simulators

Moving into Action

This strategic plan articulates a vision of a bold and exciting future and a road map for the next phase of our collective journey. But now, our real work begins.


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